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Dan Henry, Predator Free Miramar

Dan Henry co-founded community backyard trapping group Predator Free Miramar in 2017. Over the past 5+ years his work and vision has helped galvanise households in Miramar, Strathmore, Seatoun and Breaker Bay.

As the Predator Free Wellington Eradication project geared up, Dan’s community group had already removed more than 5000 rats from the local landscape, with more than 1000 households involved and 1400 traps installed.

As the project has evolved alongside the eradication, the focus has shifted from backyards to a group of volunteer trappers who meet weekly to augment the work of PFW’s paid staff, and chase down the last rats on Miramar. The Predator Free Miramar work is just a side-hustle for Dan, who has lived in Miramar with his wife and three children since 2005.  His day job is producing and directing on Country Calendar for TVNZ.

Lecture information:

Dan will be speaking on his work so far, how they got there and how they keep the community engaged.